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Category:Advocacy, Legal
Intake Procedure:Referral required
Primary Clients Served:Adolescents, Adults, Children, Criminal Justice-Involved Clients, Veterans/Veterans & Families, Women with Children

Administrative Office
205 W. Highland Avenue, Suite 201,
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: (414) 414-908-0282 (administrative office)
Fax: 414-908-0289
Hours: We do not currently offer walk-in hours.

821 W. State St., #417,
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: (414) 278.2140


JusticePoint is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of evidence-informed criminal justice programs, practices and policies.

JusticePoint currently operates the following programs:

  • Universal Screening
  • Pretrial Supervision
  • Pretrial Electronic Monitoring
  • Jail Release Preparation
  • Treatment Alternatives and Diversion - Screening, Assessment, and Case Management
  • Central Liaison Unit
  • Drug Treatment Court - Cognitive behavioral and trauma therapies; coordination and case management
  • Comprehensive Community Services Program (CCS)
  • WIser Choice - Recovery Support Coordination
  • WIser Choice - Central Intake Unit Screening/Assessment
  • Trauma Informed Care Programming
  • Cognitive Behavioral Programming

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