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Milwaukee County Child Protective Services

Category:Domestic Violence, Helplines/Hotlines, Youth and Family Services
Primary Clients Served:Adolescents, Children, Families, Women with Children

635 N. 26th St.,
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: (414) 343-5500 or (414) 220-SAFE (7233) (24 hours/day)


Milwaukee County Child Protective Services  works with families to ensure the safety and well-being of children. With its many community partners, MCCPS provides services to families in crisis that help keep children safely in the home. When it is necessary, MCCPS looks to foster and adoptive families to provide appropriate temporary and permanent homes for children who cannot live with their parents.

To report Child Abuse/Neglect: (414) 220-SAFE (7233)  (24-hours a day)

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