Planned Giving

Your Legacy...

Your legacy is your statement to the world on what matters to you. Making a legacy gift to Mental Health America of Wisconsin (MHA) shares your belief that mental health is vital to an individual's health and well-being. Your gift makes a statement that you believe in prevention, early identification and intervention, and treatment for all -- with recovery for all as the goal.

A gift to MHA of Wisconsin through your will or other estate plan lets you continue your support of MHA as a leading mental health advocacy organization. A gift to MHA offers potential tax benefits to you, to your estate and/or to your heirs. Prior to making any decision about a planned gift, please be sure to consult your attorney and other professional advisors.

Please review these options to include Mental Health America in your legacy...

Bequest in Will

When you make or update your will, or by codicil to your will, you may designate a bequest to MHA of a specific dollar amount, a percentage of what is left after your other bequests, or a designated item of property or investment (eg. publicly traded stock).

Life Insurance 

You may make MHA the beneficiary of one or more life insurance policies. If your financial and family circumstances have changed through the years, you may choose to designate MHA as the beneficiary of a new or an existing life insurance policy.

Retirement Plan

You may leave a percentage portion or the entire balance of an IRA account or a 401k Plan to MHA by designating it as a beneficiary.

Charitable Lead Trust

You may create a Charitable Lead Trust and transfer property or investments to the trust for a set period of time. The annual earnings from the trust would go to MHA. When the trust terminates, the property and investments would be transferred to your designated beneficiaries. There is a possibility of being able to reduce or bypass gift and estate taxes using this vehicle. Discuss this option with your financial advisor.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You may create a trust and transfer to it property and investments. The income from the trust would be paid to you or another lifetime income beneficiary for a designated period or for your life, and at your death the balance of the property and investments would go to MHA. Discuss this option with your financial advisor.

For further information contact:

Martina Gollin-Graves, Pres/CEO

Please Note: Neither Mental Health America of Wisconsin nor any of its employees will provide any legal, tax or investment advice. Any prospective donor should obtain such advice from his or her legal, tax or other professional advisor.