Access to Medications

Few areas are as critical to people with a mental illness as medications. The ability to have access to the right medication at the right time can be the difference between stable functioning and deterioration in their mental health that can lead to loss of jobs, housing and relationships. However, in an attempt to control costs public and private providers have increasingly looked to put limits on access to medications. MHA does not agree with this approach.

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Psychiatrists Oppose Bill Allowing Psychologists to Prescribe Drugs
Letting Wisconsin psychologists prescribe drugs would improve access to mental health care, especially in rural areas, according to backers of a bill that would give  psychologists the new authority. But psychiatrists and others say the measure would endanger patients. Wisconsin State Journal, 5/17/09 >>


Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) 

Everyone with Medicare, regardless of income, health status, or prescription drugs used, can get prescription drug coverage. This web site provides basic information about Medicare prescription drug coverage, what it is, who can get it, when you can get it, how you can get it and why you should get it. It also provides i nformation about how to look at the cost, coverage, and other important factors of Medicare drug coverage when selecting a plan that meets your needs.

Living in Wisconsin and have questions about Part D? 
Disability Drug Benefit Helpline (800) 926-4862 (brochure)
Publications from Disability Rights Wisconsin:

Medigap Hotline (800) 242-1060  or web site

Other Types of Prescription Assistance for Residents of Wisconsin

BadgerRX Gold
A program designed to help keep prescription drugs accessible and affordable for Wisconsin residents. If you live in Wisconsin, you are eligible. It's that simple. There is no age requirement and no screening for pre-existing health conditions. BadgerRx Gold is not a drug discount card. It is a program that offers lower costs on carefully selected medications monitored for your safety and well-being through a team of Wisconsin physicians and pharmacists.
(866) 809-9382
Senior RX Care (Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups)
A One Stop Shop program to provide members with the lowest prescription drug prices from the United States, Canada and other approved international pharmacies. Brought to you in partnership with our two existing Canadian suppliers who have joined forces to better serve members of all ages. Now you don't have to switch pharmacies when you hit the Donut Hole or if a medication is not covered by your plan. This new One Stop Shop will meet all your needs, even if some of your medications come from Canada, from the United States or are covered under Medicare Part D. To check prices on medications you are currently taking, call (877) 828-7555.

No enrollment fees, no forms to fill out, no age or income requirements and no medical condition restrictions. The entire family is covered with just one card and all commonly prescribed medicine is covered (including pet medication). The discount cards are provided free to residents living in participating NACO-member counties. A national network of more than 59,000 retail pharmacies honor the card. Click here for a list of participating Wisconsin counties.
Offers a single point of access to more than 475 public and private patient assistance programs, including more than 180 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. Patients will also receive information on government programs for which they may qualify, such as Medicare, Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Programs. As the only resource that brings together nearly all existing patient assistance programs, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance provides a central navigation system that helps patients get access to needed medicines. (888) 4PPA-NOW (477-2669)
A prescription drug assistance program for Wisconsin residents who are 65 years of age or older who meet the eligibility criteria. The program is designed to help seniors with their prescription drug costs. The Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) administers the SeniorCare program. Your annual income determines the level of coverage. (800) 657-2038
A prescription discount card for those not eligible for Medicare, have no prescription drug coverage of any kind, and meet income requirements. (800) 444-4106