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Date: 11/6/2019 6:52:00 PM

Take Action on Gun Violence and Suicide Prevention

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Take Action on Gun Violence and Suicide Prevention


MHA of Wisconsin joins other statewide advocacy organizations in supporting the following legislative actions to prevent suicide and gun violence in Wisconsin.

Tomorrow is Governor Evers’ special session on two very important bills anti-violence advocates have worked hard for – Background Checks on all gun purchases and Extreme Risk Protection Orders. As we know from the August 2019 Marquette Law School Poll, 80% of Wisconsin voters support background checks on all gun sales and 81% support Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs). Given the overwhelming support for these two measures, it is crucial that state lawmakers bring these bills to the floor for debate and a public vote.  It is time to hold Wisconsin lawmakers accountable to the will of the voters.

Speaker's Task Force on Suicide Prevention Bills

To take action, find your legislators’ contact info by entering your address into the search bar here, and tell them to support AB 41/SB 49 and to vote in support of LRB‐ 4383 and LRB‐3949 at the special session on November 7th and hold hearings for AB577 and SB517 in their respective committees.

Contact your legislators to tell them to support the following bills recommended by the Speaker's Task Force on Suicide Prevention. 

  • AB 528/SB 498: peer-to-peer school suicide prevention programs
  • AB 529/SB 506: grants to WISH (Wisconsin Safe & Healthy Schools)
  • AB 531/SB 496: crisis lines on student IDs
  • AB 525/SB 503: coordinated suicide prevention program at DHS (Department of Health Services)
  • AB 526: two hours of continuing education on suicide prevention for certain health professionals (physicians, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and substance abuse counselors)
  • AB 527/SB 543: grants to support safe storage of firearms
  • AB 530/SB 504: grants to organizations or coalitions of organizations, including cities, villages, towns, and counties, for suicide prevention programming

AFSP Wisconsin Chapter makes it easy to contact your legislators in support of AB 525 & AB 526! Click here to email your legislators today!