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Shel Gross, MHA's Director of Public Policy, receives NAMI Wisconsin's Lifetime Advocacy Award. Congratulations, Shel!

From NAMI Wisconsin's Press Release:  

Shel Gross is the Director of Public Policy for Mental Health America Wisconsin. He is also Chair to the Legislative and Policy Committee of the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health. Shel has decades of experience advocating for change to the mental health system at the state and local level. He started working in the mental health field in 1973 at a private psychiatric hospital. He spent about 16 years in various positions working mostly with adults with severe mental illness then 11 years in Medicaid and 16 at Mental Health America. In total: 43 years have been dedicated to creating a better way of life for mental health consumers.

Shel has a wealth of knowledge about a wide range of policy and budgetary processes, greatly values the perspective of lived experience in shaping these systems, and has shown a steadfast commitment to change them in order to improve the treatment and care for those living with mental illness.  Because of his experience, Shel serves as a leader and our "go to" for any type of advocacy related information. He frequently testifies at public hearings, meets one-on-one with legislators, mental health advocates and partners with others in order to influence change. Shel is an expert in the area of mental health advocacy and people in all sectors respect and enjoy working with him.  Shel is also invested in cultivating new leaders and advocates and has served as a tremendous support and mentor to numerous NAMI Wisconsin advocates.  His expertise and collaborative approach has forged a strong partnership between Mental Health America and NAMI Wisconsin, a relationship for which we are sincerely appreciative.