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2015-2016 Mental Health & Wellness Guide for Milwaukee County

The 2015-2016 edition of this popular publication is now available.

The guide contains listings of community mental health and substance abuse services; support and crisis lines; advocacy services; legal resources; youth and family services; a Spanish-speaking resources section; and more. The guide is a valuable resource for schools, law enforcement agencies, health care providers, community organizations and individuals.

If you would like to receive a copy, please send your name and complete mailing address to info@mhawisconsin.org . * Please note that only one copy can be mailed *

If you are interested in receiving multiple copies, they may be picked up at the MHA office at 600 W. Virginia St., Suite 502. Please contact us at (414) 276-3122 or info@mhawisconsin.org  to make arrangements for pick up.


MHA National has some good news to share today.  The launch interview for #B4Stage4 – the documentary being produced on our behalf by ITN of Great Britain and ABC Lincoln Square Productions – is now available for viewing!  You can see it here.

The launch interview is being used by ITN to build support for the work MHA is doing both locally and nationally; and for the production of the documentary.  The documentary #B4Stage4 will be aired exclusively for the first time at our information-packed (and fun-packed) annual conference in June, at a reception sponsored by ITN.  Conference registration will be open within days! Click here for more details about the MHA National Conference.

In the meantime, feel free to share this launch interview with friends and supporters, and anyone you want to hear more about the importance of our collective B4Stage4 messaging.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Through your generosity, MHA expanded access to mental health services in 2014, providing more information, education, advocacy and leadership for those in need. Through your generosity, we responded to hundreds of calls and emails related to mental health issues and provided direct support and advocacy to pregnant women and their families.

baby-shower-program-2014.jpgBigger Plans for Better Outcomes

Through your generosity, we begin our 85th year at MHA, with gratitude for your support, with confidence grounded in the stability and history of our organization, and with the energy and creativity of our staff to define Even Bigger Plans for Even Better Outcomes.

The Information Program will add a supported employment section to the 2015-16 Mental Health & Wellness Resource Guide; and provide Wisconsin employers with a new education tool for supervisors and managers to support employees who are facing mental health challenges in the workplace.

The Suicide Prevention Education Program will provide training and resources to more than 2,500 community members and over 30 local suicide prevention coalitions across the state; as well as increase efforts of outreach to high risk groups of youth and adults.

The Prenatal Service Program will expand its home visiting program to more pregnant women with mental health symptoms in an effort to increase healthy birth outcomes in Milwaukee. The prenatal program will continue to improve the program’s success rate for 90% of participants having full- term births and babies with healthy birth weights.

We Need Your Support

Through your generosity and that of others like you, we have come such a great distance over the years. We can think even Bigger as we look toward our future not simply because our work here is our passion, but because we have an army of supporters like you who will not allow mental illness in our community to triumph.

As we look to the future with even Bigger dreams for the individuals and families we serve – we continue to need your support to allow MHA to have a positive impact on so many lives in our communities.

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