SFHH Quick Facts & Stats

Birth Outcomes

  • 90% of participants had a healthy pregnancy outcome
  • 90% of participants carried the baby to term
  • 90% of participants delivered a baby with a healthy birth weight
  • 100% of infants reached their 1st birthday


  • The average length of time from beginning SFHH services to achieving permanence is 9 months.
  • 85% of families working with SFHH were reunified.
  • 100% of families that were reunified while involved with SFHH between 2010-present, remained successfully reunified.


  • 100% of BMCW case managers that worked with SFHH agreed that they would refer another client to SFHH.


  • 100% of clients that completed Wellness Recovery class were able to identify personal triggers that make their symptoms worse.
  • 89% feel that their life is better than before attending SFHH programming.


  • Of 72% of SFHH clients that were hospitalized for psychiatric reasons prior to SFHH involvement, only 12% were re-hospitalized during SFHH involvement.



Strong Families Healthy Homes

Strong Families Healthy Homes (SFHH) consists of programs and services committed to nurturing and supporting the recovery, strengths and resilience of families when the parent(s) and/or caregiver(s) live with mental illness. These programs are strength-based, family-driven and follow a recovery model of service and a belief that healthy family bonds create natural supports for sustaining wellness.



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Meet Some of Our Families

Heidi (Zachary and Nathan)

"To me, a family sticks together, loves and supports each other, and does stuff together."

"We're close, can talk to each other without getting uncomfortable, and we trust each other."

"Being a parent is an emotional thing; it's unconditional love with my children and watching them grow up."

Quineca (Diamond)

"A family is a group of people that cherish other's feelings and thoughts."

"Our big family strength is staying together even when times get bad."

"My greatest accomplishment as a parent is learning new things and new ways to interact with my Diamond."

Margaret (Kendra)

"My favorite family memory from a holiday is Kendra's first Christmas because it was when she started walking."

"I like being a parent because I can see Kendra grow up, read to her, and teach her words, letters, and numbers."

"A family means being able to talk to each other, play jokes, and have fun with each other."

Contact Us

If you have questions or need additional information about the Strong Families Healthy Homes program, please contact Anne Fojut Ruiz, Program Supervisor, at (414) 336-7984 or by email at anne@mhawisconsin.org.