Strong Families Healthy Homes

Individual Parenting & Wellness Services

Strong Families Healthy Homes (SFHH) provides support and wellness services to parents & pregnant women with mental health and/or substance use challenges. SFHH provides person-centered, trauma-informed care that is tailored to each family’s goals. SFHH goal is to empower parents to take control of their mental health to meet their children's needs.

MHA's Strong Families Healthy Homes program and outpatient clinic are approved ancillary providers for the Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) network.

For program eligibility, availability, program fees, to make a referral or to self-refer please contact Sa' Aire Salton, at 414-336-7964 or

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In-Home Services

  • Individual Skill Development and Enhancement: The focus of this service can be related to specific parenting strategies, self-regulation, problem solving, or communication skills.
  • Wellness Management and Recovery: Consumers and provider will decide upon mental health and/or substance use goals and learn about skills necessary to maintain mental wellness. Developing a Wellness Plan or managing stress and anger could be a part of these goals.
  • Individual and/or Family Psychoeducation: This service includes providing education and resources about the consumer’s mental health or substance use issues. Providers will give ongoing guidance about managing and coping with mental health or substance use issues. This service can be provided individually to the consumer, or with the consumer’s family and supports.
  • Medication Management (Non-Prescribers): This service will support the consumer in taking his or her medications and will monitor the consumer’s changes in symptoms and side effects. Providers will increase the consumer’s understanding of the benefits of medications and educate on their specific medications. Providers can also support consumers in advocating with their psychiatrists regarding medication needs.
  • Physical Health Monitoring: Consumers will learn about how mental health and/or substance use issues impact his or her physical health. They will also talk about how behavioral health conditions may interfere or impact their ability to manage physical health.

MHA-WI Wellness Clinic

  • Psychotherapy: Onsite counseling and support services for adults, adolescents and children. Treatment approach is strengths-based, client-centered and trauma-informed. Learn more >>

Individual or Group Classes

  • Nurturing Parenting: This 9 week, evidence-based parenting series is designed especially for parents with a mental illness. This series utilizes the Nurturing Parenting Program but addresses the special challenges of parenting with a mental illness and the impact parental mental illness has on the children. The family centered curriculum is designed to build nurturing parenting skills for parents. Classes are two hours each for nine weeks.
  • Seeking Safety: This 9 week group will allow women to build social connections and gain recovery support. The group is designed to explore the link between trauma and substance use and learn stress management and self-care skills. This is not a process group. The goal is not to discuss trauma experiences in depth, but instead to build new skills to help consumers cope with trauma and feel safer in day to day life. Groups are 1 hour each for 9 weeks.
  • Stress and Anger Management: This 8 week series focuses on understanding the cycle of stress and anger and how to develop strategies to gain control over your reactions. This curriculum is designed to provide participants with practical tools and skills for relaxation, communication and managing emotions. Classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes each for eight weeks.
  • Healthy Relationships: 8 week series is based off of Gottman’s 5 steps of emotion coaching: awareness, perception, communication, expression and problem solving. Supporting topics include self-care and financial literacy in relationships. curriculum is designed to help improve connection and self-awareness to create healthier interactions for your family. Classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes each for eight weeks.
  • Wellness Recovery: This 8 week series is based on the recovery model of working with mental illness. The class is designed to help individuals with mental health concerns recognize and be aware of both their strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare for a possible mental health crisis while also focusing on how to maintain wellness and reduce to frequency of crises. The class includes information on specific mental illnesses, recovery, and personal wellness. The class works with participants to identify triggers, early warning signs and specific activities to cope. Participants will complete a wellness/crisis plan which is specific to their needs and can be used by the participants, family members or providers in the event of a mental health crisis. Classes are two hours each for eight weeks.
  • Parent Support Group: This group is designed to build social connections and support for parents with the additional challenge of parenting with a mental illness. The participants can share their personal successes and challenges and get feedback from parents with similar experiences. Group topics and activities are based on participants’ needs and interests. Examples include how to talk with children about parent’s mental illness, parenting strategies/tools, resource sharing, arts/crafts projects. Groups are 1 hour each ongoing based on participation.