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Mental Health in the News

Psychotic Hallucinations, Delusions Rarely Precede Violence

Mass shootings at the hands of unhinged loners – such as those in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut – perpetuate a commonly held belief that mental illness triggers violent crimes. But a new study from UC Berkeley shows that hallucinations and delusions associated with psychiatric disorders seldom foreshadow acts of aggression. Read more >>

MHA of Wisconsin Wins Two National Awards

The national office of Mental Health America (MHA) will honor an impressive group of individuals, public officials, media outlets and innovative programs next month at its 2015 Annual National Conference: Intervention and Innovation Before Stage 4. Two of Mental Health America of Wisconsin's nominees have won major awards. We are very honored!

2015 Innovation in Programming Award

MHA’s Innovation in Programming Award, which recognizes the continuing innovation and creativity of the MHA affiliate network in program development and implementation, will go to MHA of Wisconsin and its innovative program Strong Families Healthy Homes (SFHH).

SFHH is a preventative and comprehensive visitation program that provides care for the whole family. This program is strength-based, family-driven and follows a recovery model of service and core belief that healthy family bonds create natural supports for sustaining wellness. The program is staffed by Master’s Level mental health professionals who have received orientation and training in the SFHH model and the MHA developed home-visit toolkit. The Family Advocate partners with the family, wraps intensive case management and recovery support services around the entire family and provides advocacy and support for all the systems the family is involved. Currently the SFHH model serves families an average of 24 months. SFHH is the only community program in Wisconsin that specifically targets parents with mental illness with integrated support, education, and individual advocacy services as they struggle to parent their children and hold their family together through a difficult illness.

2015 Legislator Award

MHA’s 2015 Legislator Award will go to two women who have shown incredible leadership on the local level in advocating for change in mental health services.One of them is our own Sandy Pasch

Former Wisconsin State Representative Sandy Pasch is a former Democratic member, representing District 10 from 2008 to 2015. Pasch served as State Assembly Assistant Minority Leader from 2013 to 2015. Prior to running elected office, Pasch worked for years on mental health issues, in volunteer capacities and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Assistant Professor at the Columbia College of Nursing, and a Community Health Nurse. During her time as a legislator, Sandy served on multiple committees with jurisdiction over mental health issues and was instrumental in the passage of the Wisconsin Parity Act.

Sandy will share this award with Beth Harwell, current Speaker of the House in the Tennessee House of Representatives. 

Employers Have a Stake in the Urgent Need for Mental Health Care

March 23, 2015 cover story on featuring Dawn Zak, Associate Director of MHA. Read the article >>

Peer Run Respite Services Begin This Month

The Department of Health Services (DHS) announced today Wisconsin’s first Peer Run Respites will open to guests this month, following open houses this week. 

Peer Run Respites serve adults having difficulty coping with mental health or substance use concerns. The homes offer a safe, supportive environment managed and staffed by individuals who have experienced similar stress and symptoms and who themselves have been successful in the recovery process. Each home has at least four beds and as many as five. The average stay is between one to five days. Read the Press Release >>