Mental Health & Alcohol Use Screenings

Mental Health ScreeningScreening provides a quick way to identify whether you may be experiencing symptoms commonly associated with an illness and determine whether follow up with a professional is recommended.

Screenings are available for depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders and alcohol use in both English and Spanish.


newVideo Doctor

It can be difficult to gather the courage to make an appointment and seek help. Video Doctor is an innovative online tool that simulates a conversation with a doctor and guides a person through a series of questions on their emotional well-being and their readiness to seek help. The anonymous, web-based program gives the opportunity to "interact" with a video doctor from their computer about issues related to depression and alcohol dependence. The program also provides self-care tips and recommendations on how and where to access mental health resources.

"By increasing awareness and understanding about depression, anxiety and alcohol, it is our hope that Video Doctor reduces stigma and increases motivation to develop help-seeking behaviors," says Douglas G. Jacobs, MD, associate clinical professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical Schooland Founder and CEO of Screening for Mental Health. "The interactive nature of Video Doctor and the non-judgmental language is extremely helpful. It's both non-threatening and completely anonymous, enabling community members to get a better understanding of mental health services available."

Video Doctors plays automatically after a person completes an online screening and scores positive for having signs and symptoms of depression or alcohol abuse.  It appears right next to the referral information.   

Once the Video Doctor program launches, individuals watch a brief introduction in which the Video Doctor—who is portrayed by an actor—explains the signs and symptoms of depression or alcohol dependence.  The doctor then asks the viewer a series of questions about their symptoms and readiness to change. Using the keyboard, the viewer types in their responses and then the video doctor discusses treatment options and self-care tips.

newLearning and Resources Section

For community members interested in receiving more information on mental health, the new Learning and Resource page is an excellent resource. Community members will be able to access mental health related articles, videos and health care resources online. The Learning and Resource Section appears on the Welcome page of the online screening, in the top right. 


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