Workplace Mental Health

Mental Health America of Wisconsin (MHA) has explored the area of workplace mental health through a number of grants involving partners in the business world. The following summarizes one of the key underlying dynamics of workplace mental health:

Mental health disorders are a major cause of work loss through absenteeism and reduced productivity on the job, are a major driver of disability claims and can increase morbidity and health care costs for individuals with other chronic health conditions like diabetes and asthma. An employer survey conducted by the Wisconsin United for Mental Health (WUMH) found that most employers understood the significant impact of mental health disorders on their employees and in their workplaces, but there was a gap between this understanding and the implementation of best practices in workplace mental health.
                                                                             Building the Mentally Healthy Workplace, 2012

Supervisor/Manager Training

MHA has created a supervisor manager training focusing on how managers can support a mentally healthy workplace and respond to employees who are have job-related challenges that may be a result of mental health problems. The video is centered around three employees with mental health issues and their supervisors. Through videos and didactic presentation the trainings show managers a way to support employees who may be experiencing mental health disorders while respecting confidentiality and staying focused on performance, not diagnosis.

This training is available as an online tool that managers can do on their own or can be done with managers as a group. The training is divided into a number of modules, each of which is about 15-20 minutes long.

If you are interested in learning more about this training please contact MHA at 414-276-3122 or

Workplace Mental Health Resources

Building the Mentally Healthy Workplace, A Strategic Plan for Improving Employer Mental Health Practices; 2012

MHA-Wisconsin Website

The website includes screening tools for a number of disorders, resource directories and information sheets on many mental health topics. These can be great resources for your employees and managers.

Mind the Workplace: The Work Health Survey Report (Mental Health America)

The Workplace Health Survey measured the attitudes and perceptions of over 17,000 employees across 19 industries in the US. Survey questions were designed to collect data on work environments, workplace stress, employee engagement, and employee benefits. Survey findings explored the relationship between workplace health and employee engagement, a concept that has, in recent years, become more measurable, and indicative of workplace stress levels and overall mental health.

Live Your Life Well

This website, developed by Mental Health America, provides ideas for individuals to address 10 areas of their lives linked to well-being, including physical health, diet, sleep and others.

Worksite Wellness Resource Kit (Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 2010)

The Worksite Wellness Resource Kit provides employers guidance in implementing worksite wellness programs. The kit includes section with recommended programming in a variety of areas, including mental health and alcohol and other drug abuse.

Wisconsin Initiative for Stigma Elimination

WISE bases their work on solid research that it is the stories of those living with mental illnesses that can be the most effect antidote to stigma. The website has a video library that employers can access to share messages of hope, recovery and resilience with their employees.

Partnership for Workplace Mental Health

Sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, the Partnership has resources on efforts employers have made to address mental health in their workplaces, reports, and resources that employers can use. They also provide an enewsletter with updates on workplace mental health efforts.