Guided Painting Session: Splash Studio Milwaukee will be hosting a guided painting session for those who register in advance. This activity will be first come-first serve, so reserve your spot by contacting Leah Rolando at or 414-336-7970.


Mindfulness and Self-Compassion: Mindfulness is a skill that can be cultivated to allow us to be more present for each moment of our lives, as well as help us to navigate difficult emotions with greater ease. Mindfulness practices taught in this workshop include mindful breathing and a mindful body scan. This workshop will explore the three components of self-compassion and will include opportunities to practice applying self-compassion to ourselves. The workshop format will include instruction, guided practice and small group sharing.

Parking: Available free of charge in the upper lot at Nicolet High School.

Location: There will be signs posted and volunteers present to direct attendees to the Survivor Day event. We will be using the library, art room, and cafeteria for a variety of activities throughout the day.

If you have questions please contact Leah at or 414-336-7970.

Survivors of Suicide Loss Day