Older Adults

Older Adult Mental HealthGrowing older usually means adjusting to changes in life. Sometimes, these changes can mean the loss of loved ones, of old routines and of excellent health. It’s normal to feel sadness or distress during these periods, but most older adults move on and eventually feel satisfied with their lives.

For some, however, the pleasure found in daily life can be lost. People of all ages experience mental health challenges. However, some challenges are unique to older adults. The fact sheets and resources listed below will address some of these unique challenges, help educate about some of the issues facing older adults today, as well as give suggestions for how to seek help.

Fact Sheets

Aging Consideration: Caregiving
Aging Consideration: Chronic Illness
Aging Considerations: Effects of Medication
Alzheimer's Disease
Anxiety Disorders in Older Adults
Coping With Bereavement
Coping With Loss
Depression in Older Adults
Preventing Suicide in Older Adults

Links & Resources

Aging & Disability Resource Centers of Wisconsin
The first place to go to get accurate, unbiased information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability.

National Family Caregivers Association
Offers a virtual library of information and materials including educational campaigns; tips and guides for family caregivers; and information on agencies and organizations which provide caregiver support.

National Institute On Aging
Offers brochures and publications on aging and news updates.

Alzheimer's Association of Greater Wisconsin
Find a chapter near you; 24 hour helpline; online support groups and message boards; educational materials. 

Respite Care Association of Wisconsin
RCAW is a resource and referral agency that can assist you in locating a respite service in your area. 

Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups
Grassroots organization involved with legal and legislative advocacy.

Family Caregiver Support Network (Milwaukee County) 
Program of Interfaith Older Adult Programs. Supplies caregivers with information, options, and personal support groups and educational material. 

American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry
Offers mental health information for older adults and their families including how to find a geriatric psychiatrist, news, programs and events.