School Based Model

The Wisconsin Components of School-Based Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Model

II. Components of School Based Suicide Intervention
a. Guidelines for When the Risk of Suicide Has Been Raised
b. Procedures for Assisting Other Students during a Crisis
c. Guidelines for a Student Suicide Attempt off School Premises
d. Transition of a Student's Return to School Following Absence for Suicidal Behavior
III. Components of School Based Suicide Postvention
a. Guidelines for Postvention Procedures
b. Special Issues

IV. Appendix A: Prevention Facts and Helpful Resources
a. Information about Suicide
b. Risk Factors
c. Warning Signs
d. Protective Factors
e. Helping Suicidal Youth
f.  Care for Yourself during Stressful Situations
g. Local Resources
h. Wisconsin/National Resources
a. Problem of Youth Suicide in Wisconsin
b. Cultural Competency Fact Sheets
c. Am I Normal? Reactions to Overwhelming Stressful Events
d. How to Help Support Grieving Youth
e. Information about Student Trauma for Parents & Staff
f.  Supporting Parents of Suicidal Youth
g. Young Adult Funeral Service FAQ's
h. Ways to Help Grieve
i.  Phases of Grief
j.  Child Development and its Relationship to Grief and Loss
k. Guidelines for Immediate Help from Close Friends in the Aftermath of a Suicide
a. Intervention Checklists
b. Postvention Checklists
a. Intervention
i.   Student Interview Questions
ii.  Outline of Student Re-entry Plan Following a Serious Psychiatric Incident
iii.  Special Issues and Option Surrounding a Student's Return
     b. Postvention
i.   Information about Deceased Student
ii.  Identification of People At-Risk During a Crisis
iii.  Initial Interview Questions after a Crisis
iv.  Sample Announcements for Use with Students
v.   Sample Letter to Other Families
vi.  Classroom Guidelines on Student Death/Suicide/Critical Incident for Teachers, Student Services Staff, and Administration
vii.  Secretaries/Receptionists on Crisis Response
viii. Crisis Counseling Center for Support and Triage
ix.  Crisis Response Sheet
x.   How Suicide Postvention Activities Help Prevent Copy-cat Suicide
xi.  Safe and Effective Messaging for Suicide Prevention
xii. Appropriate Language
a. Checklist for Working with the Media
b. Media Guidelines for School Administrators
c. At a glance: Safe Reporting on Suicide
d. Other Related Information for Schools/Communities and Media
a. Documentation/Maintenance of Files
b. Report of Suicide Risk
c. Confirmation of Parental Contact
d. Student Record of Actions Taken
e. HIPAA - Compliant Authorization for Exchange of Health & Education Information

Additional Information

The State of Wisconsin Youth Suicide Prevention Start-up Toolkit