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MHA of Wisconsin
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Milwaukee, WI 53204


(414) 276-3122
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Fax: (414) 276-3124

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Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm
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Staff Directory

Main: (414) 276-3122 or (866) 948-6483 (toll free)

Martina Gollin-Graves, MSW
(414) 336-7963 or

Teena Carr
Wellness Counselor/Intervention Specialist
414-852-3071 or

Quinton Cotton
Wellness Clinic Manager
414-336-7964 or

Terri Ellzey
AODA Program Manager
414-336-7962 or

Cara Hansen
Information & Assistance Coordinator
(414) 336-7969 or

Leah Jepson, MSW
Project Director, Milwaukee Coalition for Children’s Mental Health (CCMH)
414-336-7971 or

LeKecia Lovett
Home Visiting Program Director
414-336-7965 or

Brian Michel
Director of Prevention Services
44-336-7961 or

Mary Neubauer, MSW
Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator
414-276-3122 or

Leah Rolando, MSW
Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator
414-336-7970 or leahr@mhawisconsin.or

Mike Stenz, MSW, LCSW
MHA Wellness Clinic Therapist and Intern Field Instructor
(414) 336-7975 or

Ida Winters
Family Advocate
414-698-6670 or