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Certified Peer Specialists

One of the major transformation in the mental health system has involved the growing role of people with mental illness as providers within the system. Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) are persons who have not only lived the experience of mental illness but also have had formal training in the peer specialist model of mental health supports for adults.  Peer specialists are working in all types of mental health settings, from inpatient hospital to crisis services to outpatient settings. . To find more information about certified peer specialists check out these websites:

Wisconsin Association of Peer Specialists: This site has been developed to be a resource, advocacy and continuing education tool for all Peer Providers, in Wisconsin and Nationwide, to assist them in their pursuit of the development, education and sustainability of the profession of Peer Provider.

Wisconsin Peer Specialist Employment Initiative: Information on how to become a peer specialist, finding jobs as a peer specialist, quarterly newsletter and more.